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Website Repair SheffieldA slow, ugly or malfunctioning website can harm your business, your reputation and even your ability to index on search engines.

We can review your website and fix any issues for you from the purely visual to the downright harmful.

Usability Issues

website usabilityWith so many competitors online, the experience your visitors get is key to your website's success. If the site loads too slowly they will leave and go to the next website. If the navigation isn't obvious, they won't be able to find what they're looking for. If the formatting is wrong or unclear, they will get frustrated and leave. If your tone of voice or content aren't right and don't sell your product, they won't see the benefit in what you're offering.

We can undertake a usability review of your site and fix any issues we find.

Search Engine Indexing Issues

Search engine indexingThere are many on-site issues that can affect the indexing of your website on search engines. From duplicate content, to canonicalisation of URLs; from mobile accessibility to text size; from meta data content to valid coding. We can review your site against our 30 point on-site checklist to ensure it is built to index well.

Damage or Infection Issues

website damage or infectionNo matter where you host your website or how well it's built, it can always be vulnerable to attack. Whether it's people inserting malware onto your site or just adding their own links and pages, there is always a chance your site can be a target.

In some circumstances this can be easily fixed by upgrading security on the site and deleting infected pages. Sometimes, however, a consierable amount of work is required to fix the problem and allow your site to function properly again.

If you have an issue with your website, we can take a look at the problem and repair any faults, remove malware or clean files, pages and databases, where the offending items may be.


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