Why You Need A Social Media Manager

Why You Need A Social Media Manager

I know, I know, I know you have been pitched the idea on LinkedIn and heard Social Media Managers (SSMs) speak at varies events on the benefits of working with an SSM, but do you know the real benefits of working alongside one?

Today, social media has taken on a whole new meaning in the world of business. You must have follow-worthy and share-worthy content, and this content must look editorial. If you don't believe me, check out the content from this company who certainly doesn't need any help getting noticed or attracting people though their door...

costa coffee social media

If billion-pound companies understand the importance of selling a high-end image on social media, there must be something to it, right? Did Dominic Paul (CEO), create that layout or those images? Of course not! Their social media management staff was all over it, and the same goes for a multitude of other businesses.

Anyone from boarding kennels to movie stars and singers can benefit from having a Social Media Manager on their team, and here's why:

1. Brand Development

Your fans, followers and subscribers are more likely to engage with your brand when it has plenty to offer. A Social Media Manager will make sure that your business's social outlets are filled with interesting and helpful content as well as utilising techniques that promote social media engagement.

Why you need a social media manager in Sheffield, brand development

2. Time Management

Even though an effective social media campaign requires an "all hands-on deck" approach to be effective, having a Social Media Manager undoubtedly saves you time. They can provide you with a road map and content strategy that should make it easy for you to distinguish what is considered good and bad content. They also could take away the burden of having to log onto your computer and manage comments and updating content regularly on all platforms. They do all that for you, leaving you more time to concentrate on your business!

Why you need a social media manager in Sheffield, time management

3. A Finger on the Pulse

An experienced and dedicated Social Media Manager is entranced by the Web and technologies surrounding it. This individual actively stays in the know of the latest happenings in the world of social media and thus can quickly identify the best outlets for your business and make smart decisions that will ultimately bring in more business.

4. A Range of Services

An SSM should offer you a wide range of services to help improve your social networks so they are more professional looking and SEO friendly. These would include:

  • Carry out research and produce a Social Media Strategy
  • Find content for you and schedule to your networks
  • Create images and use your branding
  • Research hashtags (#)
  • Interact with your followers

Why you need a social media manager in Sheffield, services

5. Understanding the Market and Competition

Checking out your competition should be on your SSM's mind first and foremost. Looking at their social accounts can help suggest the type of content that works and doesn't, which, in turn, can highlight which way your business should be heading.

A good Social Media Manager will have looked into your competition (and your industry) in great detail and will be familiar with your target market efore putting together your strategy and plan.

Why you need a social media manager in Sheffield, competitor analysis

6. Cost Effectiveness

But…it's SO expensive!

I know, I know. Hiring a Social Media Manager/Strategist isn't exactly cheap... but once you find the right person, it is SO worth it. Think about it this way, when you buy clothes at Primark you probably don't expect them to last as long as the clothes you buy at a higher price, right? The same thing can be applied to hiring help for social media. Sure, there are cheaper options out there but someone who only charges £50 a month probably won't have the same quality of content as someone who charges a more reasonable price. Furthermore, they are unlikely to have any systems in place to do any advanced Social Media Management and will be providing a basic package that simply includes a scattergun approach to posting content. You should always strive for quality instead of hiring the person with the cheapest services.

7. Convenience

Another great benefit of hiring a Social Media Management agency is that they can work for you at any time of the day or night; weekends or week days, there's always someone answering your questions and promoting your business while you enjoy your leisure time.

Why you need a social media manager in Sheffield, convenience

At the end of the day, more and more business owners have concluded that enlisting help when it comes to social media is simply worth it. If nothing else, take the time to learn a little more, maybe make a few calls and give the service a try. You may just find that having a SMM is a game changer!

Written by Jay Cook, Social Media & Communications Director. 17-10-18

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