The Cerebral Vision: The 5 Doctrines that Envelop Every Part of Our Business

The Cerebral Vision: The 5 Doctrines that Envelop Every Part of Our Business

Here at Cerebral we have a vision; a mission to provide outstanding service, excellent working environment and have ecstatic customers. This all centres around our ethos of honesty and clarity in everything we do and our drive to empower the customer, not baffle them with technical speak.

So, we thought we'd take some time to go through all the main parts of our vision and what they mean to us.

World Class Customer Service1. World Class Customer Service

We don't just want happy customers. We want ecstatic ones. The key to our customer service is that we treat their business as if it were our own.

We want to provide a level of customer service that is second to none within our industry. We ensure we communicate with the customer at every point and keep everything clear and precise. We make sure that we are delivering exactly what our customer expects; and then go beyond that.


A Happy Workforce2. A Happy Workforce

Our staff are key to our delivery of our products and our high level of customer service. We have a happy and enthusiastic workforce, and that shows through in everything we do.



Outstanding Customer Support3.Outstanding Customer Support

We don't just hand over a website or campaign and vanish into the night. We are there to support our customers with their business as they grow. If there's a problem, or just something that needs explaining, we're there with the answers.

We want our customers to see us as an extension of their business; their "marketing department", as it were.

Outstanding Customer Support4. Honesty and Clarity

Honesty and clarity have always been at the forefront of everything we do. We won't just try and sell someone the most expensive product or one they just don't need. We'll work with them to provide the most cost effective and appropriate solution. Likewise, if a customer wants something that won't work or isn't appropriate to their brand, we will say so and not just offer an expensive solution.


Client Empowerment5. Client Empowerment

We want our clients to understand their technology and manage it themselves.

We want our clients to know that they've chosen the right agency; one that won't provide over-complicated solutions that require that agency to do everything that may need doing in the future. Wherever possible we will ensure the client can update and amend the website themselves and that the software used can be managed by any other web design agency.

And there you have it. A few, simple tenets by which we live.

Written by Clair Yates, Managing Director. 24-04-17

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