3 Things You Should Be Doing To Make Your Social Media Campaign Successful

3 Things You Should Be Doing To Make Your Social Media Campaign Successful

3 Things You Should Be Doing To Make Your Social Media Campaign SuccessfulIf you are about to launch yourself/business onto the band wagon that is digital marketing, here are 3 small things that might help you on your way to achieving social media greatness.

1. Identifying Trends

Social media gives us the tools to research and pin point our intended audience. So what does this mean? Hashtags help us to narrow down the people or business we want to interact with. Here at Cerebral Agency we carry out social media campaigns on behalf of our clients, and to do this we need to do the research and identify the trends within our client's industry that people are searching for on the various social media platforms. N.B. These are not the same on all the platforms.

Here are some of the Twitter hashtags we use for a client in the sales and marketing industry: #sales #salesmarketing #makeyourownlane #business #growth #businessdevelopment. This is just a handful of the hastags we use on a daily basis, and these are continually updated with new ones every day, following trends and in line with the specific topic we are discussing.

Twitter campaign for sales company

You need to research and find the trends that are working within your area of expertise and use them to drive your business forward and grow your following and interactions. It really does work.

2. Posting Consistently

Finding the time to post is a bit tricky. You want to get maximum coverage for your content. The act of manually posting your content at the right time and frequency is a never ending story and can become a really big part of your day. So there are a couple of things you can do to relieve the stress and strain and help you focus on the bigger picture of building your business/brand. Try outsourcing your social media to a reputable company who do this day in day out or use Hootsuite or another of the many systems that are out there. This will help you set up and schedule your posts across social media platforms automatically, which will then release the post at the time and day you specify. You can also look at analytics to see what brand mentions and engagement you are getting and learn what works for you. Which leads me onto...

3. Analysing Results

So you have built up a stream of content and are getting it out there on a regular basis. Social Media Marketing should be looked at as a constant work-in-progress. So keep an eye on the engagements and following up needs to be first thing on your to do list. The analytics provided by the social media platforms themselves, coupled with additional data gathering through Google and other analytics sources can give you a wealth of useful information to help guide you in your social media strategy and planning.

Written by Jay Cook, Social Media & Communications Director. 22-03-17

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