14 Awesome Tips For Setting Up Your Google+ Page

14 Awesome Tips For Setting Up Your Google+ Page

14 Awesome Tips For Setting Up Your Google+ PageGoogle+ can be a little confusing to many people, so we thought we'd put together a 14 point guide on how to set up your Google+ account in order to get the most from it.

1. Select The Right Category

Make your selection form Local Business or Place/Product or Brand/Company, Institution or Organisation / Arts, Entertainment or other.

2. Add Basic Information

Business Name/Website URL/Age Restriction Setting.

3. Add A Profile Picture

Use your photo or business logo. Size must be 250x250 pixels. the larger, the better.

4. Add A Cover Photo

Use a high-resolution cover picture. Ideal size is 2120 pixels in width x 1192 pixels in height, and aspect radio is 16:9. Use call to action, must be relevant to your brand, show off your work and keep it current.

5. Circle People In Your Industry

Gain more followers and keep updated with what your competitors are up to.

6. Add An Interesting Tag Line

Super important for your hover card. Craft a tagline that will easily catch people's attention, keep it simple but significant.

Add An Introduction

Use 1-2 target keywords.
Add your mission and what you do.
Add some interesting facts about your business.
Add links to your website content.

8. Add Social Links

Tell your audience that you have other social platforms, and where they can find them.

9. Claim a Vanity URL

A vanity URL is a unique web address that is branded for marketing purposes. It makes it easier for your audience to access your page.

10. Verify Your Site and Email Address

Boost your business page authenticity.

11. Add Contact Information

You can add your address, email, phone numbers, even a fax.

12. Connect Your Tube Account

If you have a You Tube account, connect it to your Google+.

13. Addc Additional Managers

You can only have 1 owner, but can have 50 managers to your page, you can add 20 a day.

14. Add Content

Add at least 5-10 pieces of content before you spread the word about your page.
Make sure you optimise the content – Add "bolded" titles with 1-2 Keywords
Add a description about your Content.
Use CTAs (CALL TO ACTION) Such has questions, Ask for a share.
Don't forget to add relevant Hashtags #.
Use a High-Resolution Image.

I hope this will get you started on your Google + Journey.

Written by Jay Cook, Social Media & Communications Director. 24-04-18

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