Dates For Your Social Media Calendar for 2019

Dates For Your Social Media Calendar for 2019

Dates for your Social Media diary

If you've yet to create your 2019 social media calendar, there's still time to get cracking.

Developing a calendar gives you the tool for planning your content strategy for the year and will help you achieve more with less. How does it work?

Well, the idea is that you gain more views and shares by creating content about and around key dates that your customers care about.

First, you need to decide (or find out) which dates, and events your customers care about, and use these to create your calendar. Then, set aside time to create or re-purpose content in advance of these events, and develop social media posts that will hook your target demographic.

The 2019 social media calendar will be different for every business. But these are some of the key dates you should consider:


03.02. The Super Bowl
05.02. Chinese New Year
14.02. Valentine's Day (One for the man to remember)
17.02. Random Act Of kindness Day


01.03. St David's Day
05.03. Pancake Day
07.03. World Book Day
08.03. International Women's Day
15.03. Comic Relief Day
17.03. St Patricks Day
20.03. Vernal Equinox
29.03. Date set for UK to leave Europe/Spring Bank Holiday
31.03. Mother's Day/End of Q1/Clocks Go Forward


01.04. April Fool's Day /Stress Awareness Month Begins
05.04. End Of 2018/2019 Tax Year
07.04. World Health Day
08.04. Easter Holidays Begin
19.04. Good Friday/Bank Holiday
21.04. Easter Sunday
22.04. Bank Holiday
23.04. St Georges Day
28.04. London Marathon


02.05. Tour De Yorkshire Begins
06.05. Bank Holiday/Red Cross Week Begins
07.05. National Teachers Day
11.05. World Fairtrade Day
15.05. International Day of Families
18.05. FA Cup Day
25.05. Scottish Cup Final
27.05. Bank Holiday
30.05. Cricket World Cup Begins


01.06. Pride Month Begins/ International Children's Day
05.06. World Environmental Day
06.06. Tour De France Begins
16.06. Father's Day
20.06. The Royal Highland Show Begins
21.06. Summer Solstice/World Music Day
26.06. Glastonbury Festival
28.06. Summer Holidays Begins
30.06. End of Q2


01.07. Wimbledon Begins
07.07. World Chocolate Day
12.07. British Grand Prix
18.07. British Open Begins/My Birthday
30.07. International Friendship Day


02.08. Edinburgh International Festival
11.08. Eid al Adha
13.08. International Left-Handers Day
19.08. World Photo Day
25.08. Notting Hill Carnival
26.08. Bank Holiday


05.09. International Day of Charites
07.09. The Braemar Gathering
09.09. The Great North Run
14.09. London Fashion Week
19.09. International Talk Like A Pirate Day (One of My Favourite Days)
20.09. Rugby World Cup Begins
21.09. Oktoberfest
23.09. Autumnal Equinox/International Week of Happiness
27.09. World Tourism Day
29.09. Rosh Hashanah
30.09. End of Q3


01.10. Black History Month
04.10. World Animal Day
05.10. World Teachers Day
14.10. October Week Holidays Begin
16.10. World Food Day
27.10. Diwali/Clocks Go Back
31.10. Halloween


05.11. Bonfire Night
13.11. World Kindness Day
21.11. New Start Scotland/Scottish Business Exhibition
29.11. Black Friday
30.11. St Andrews Day


02.12. Cyber Monday
03.12. International Day of Person with Disabilities
22.12. Hanukkah/Winter Solstice
25.12. Christmas Day/Bank Holiday
26.12. Boxing Day/ Bank Holiday
31.12. New Year's Eve/End of Q4


So there you have it, a year's worth of important dates that you can use in your Social Media strategy.

Written by Jay Cook, Social Media & Communications Director. 01-02-19

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